Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Ankori Tea

 I feel so lucky to have Ankori Tea ( sell my teaware. For several reasons: not only does every picture Pablo takes breathe life into my pots, making him the best ambassador anyone could dream of, but also Ankoritea has a way with tea and words that lures us further into the discovery of taste and equilibrium of tea. See for yourself on Instagram @ankoritea . All the pictures below are courtesy of Ankoritea.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

The process of making a teapot

By request, here is a short description of the process behind making one of my small "gongfu" teapots (these ones shown here are around 80-90ml after firing).

It's really pretty straightforward.

I dig into my recycle bucket where scraps and trimmings are collected and kept moist, and wedge the clay into a spiral cone to mix and realign the particles so that it is ready to throw on the wheel.

I then center a lump of clay on the wheel preparing to throw maybe a handful of teapots at the time. It is called throwing "off the hump". It is fast. A backhandle teapot consists of three thrown parts (body, lid and spout). Here a spout: 

Typically, even in the winter climate, these grogged pots will dry in less than a day. They get placed on a wooden board and often covered with plastic to make sure they will be leather-hard for the next day's trimming and assembly. (The clay is porose and will dry quicker than, say, porcelain. If too dry you can forget working on it any more).

 The cleaning up... you don't want to know about it but it is a time-consuming and tedious part of making pottery!

The next day the pots have a foot trimmed on them, the lid is trimmed to fit the pot opening and the handles are formed. Holes are pierced for the filter (how many depends on the shape of the spout of course).  It is all assembled in a slow-mo process that requires concentration and some eyeballing.... The overriding principle here is "better safe than sorry".

 That's it!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

New firing to 1250 degrees Celcius

Here are listed some recent pieces. Prices are excl. shipping. Payment via paypal preferred.

Porcelain gaiwan 110ml. This one is made in an English porcelain, and is relatively sturdy unlike the transparent gaiwans I have been making lately. This one will conduct less heat than those. Glazed inside in a transparent glaze and outside in faux celadon. Price 65 euro.

Teapot in Iron-rich grogged stoneware, 110ml. Lightweight pot at 94 gr. Comfortable to hold. 20-hole direct filter. Price 58 euro

Reserved: Teapot coarsely grogged highiron clay, 100ml, 100gr. This clay is more porous than the pot above, and as such suitable for more oxidised teas. Price  55 euro.

Shibo 1, coarse grog clay 90ml. Price 45 euro.

Shibo 2, coarse grog clay, 70ml Price 45 euro.

SOLD: Shibo 3, 80ml, coarse grogged clay. Price 45 euro.

 Shibo 4, 100ml, coarse grogged clay. Price 45 euro.

Reserved: Teapot, ironrich grog clay, 95ml. Lightweight at 88 gr, clean pour. Price 55 euro.

Shibo 5: 50ml,  and cup, ironrich grog clay. Price 60 euro.

SOLD: Pu'er jar, 220ml

Reserved: Shibo 6: 100 ml, iron rich grog clay. Price 45 euro

SOLD: Coarsely grogged teapot, 80ml, Lightweight at 87 gr. Price 60 euro.