Sunday, 23 August 2015

New firing, 1250 degrees Celsius

Some pieces from my recent firing.
kyusu set, porcelain

Porcelain tea boat in pearly white glaze: I tried to think of a tea boat with teapot and cups that would be organic and somehow sculptural while also functional.... I like to keep my tea tray sitting out, so I can enjoy looking at it.  This one can hold up to 600 ml of waste water from the brewing session. I am thinking how I could maybe incorporate a small draining hole in my next attempt. Would make it easier to clean.

teadust incense holder
My all-time favourite oxidation tea dust glaze.

kyusu and matching chahai

Kyusu and chahai:  Wallonia high-iron clay (about 5%). About 225 ml.

hibiscus relief tea caddy

Tea caddy/ anything jar: This lid was molded in a hand-carved plaster mold, then I added the flange when it was leather-dry. I had mixed results with this method - some other pieces ended up with slightly warped lids due to all the wet handling. Probably just need to mold when slightly drier. Have a couple of other ideas for motifs and am developing glazes that will pool and break better over the relief.
My first gaiwan! Very pleased, though this developed a small surface crack on the inside - no effect on the functionality of it, and no leaking of course, it being only on the surface.It takes some precision work getting the three elements to fit together perfectly. That's a challenge I like. More to come.
tall profile teapot

Tall profile teapot; Somewhere I read - never heard this before - that taller profile pots are better for pu'er. I am not a pu'er drinker myself, so feel free to correct me! But it was fun playing around with a new shape.

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