Friday, 11 December 2015

New Year "Re-solutions"

The internet encourages sunshine stories - laudable tales of successes, miracles and happy surprises. Consider this a post from the dark side. I am sharing these tales of my mishaps over the last year to remind myself not to repeat these mindless mistakes in the future. Though on the other hand, I have learnt so much from these mistakes that maybe I should consider making some more....

New Year Re-solution no.1: Unclog the holes in the sieve or no tea will pour from the pot (duh)

 New Year Re-solution no.2: Get the angle of the spout right (come on - how difficult can it be?!)

New Year Re-solution no.3: Always brush alumina oxide where the lid meets the pot to avoid fusing

New Year Re-solution no.4: See New Year Re-solution no.3

New Year Re-solution no.5: After you forgot New Year Re-solution no.4, please do not chip the pot when you try to tap the lid loose with your wooden spoon

New Year Re-solution no.6: Don't ...  (let technique override aesthetics).

New Year Re-solution no.7:


  1. Yes, Yes and one more time yes. I am joining you on all seven resolutions! Be happy...

  2. Thanks Petr. Though I cannot believe you need to make these resolutions yourself! Happy New Year.