Friday, 27 May 2016

Kyusu Lite

I recently had the opportunity to fondle some fabulous Japanese kyusus by among others Konishi Yohei (Tokoname) and his student/ follower Taisuke Shiraiwa (Hokkaido). It completely changed my idea of what my own kyusus should look like. In fact, when I came home I went directly to the studio and smashed (recycled) the teapots I had turned the day before. It was time for a new departure, and that is a good thing. The best moments in my pottery journey is this kind of awakening and if I can follow it with drive and stamina to put the new ideas into life, then it makes all the hours spent turning and trimming worth it.

I turned and trimmed for 8 weeks, and then had enough for a bisque firing. Yesterday I fired one load (1250 degrees CElcius) and in a few days I will fire another load (1280 degrees Celcius).  The 1250 degree load was a mixture of iron-rich grogged clay and medium fire porcelain.  At 1280 I fire mostly Limoges porcelain, but also some grogged clays.

So what is different and new about these posts? They are super light for one thing. I used to think that if I could get a teapot trimmed down to weigh as much in grammes as the volume it would hold in mililiters, then I was doing well. So if a 100 ml gongfu teapot weighed around 100 grammes, I was quite happy. These new teapots are larger, in the range of 180-300 ml, and they weigh around 150-200 grammes. They have no trimmed footring, but a gently sloping bottom. The lids are sunken and have also got no ring. This may all sound minor, but it does reduce the weight.

In a few weeks some of these pots will be listed on Etsy.

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