Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Newly fired pieces

This blue flat kyusu is very similar to the one that was admitted to the Golden Teapot competition in the Yingge Ceramics Museum in November 2016. They're complicated to make to a specific volume - being so flat they seem to collapse even further in the firing, so plain maths do not work for estimating shrinkage... Frustrating indeed, but after several tries I managed to make one to the specified 200ml volume.

The gaiwan is such a satisfying form to make. However, when firing glazed pieces they of course have to fire separately or they would fuse. This often causes the fit to be slightly off. This one has a great fit, though. Limoges porcelain, transparent glaze.  Lid fired upside down.

The lid of this jar was cast on a mould. The glaze breaks wonderfully over the character.

I know it would have been better for the tea caddy/ jar had the clay been grogged stoneware. But the mould does not work very well with coarse clays, for obvious reasons. Maybe I will figure out some other motive to use with grog clay in the future.

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