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My name is Inge Nielsen, and I am a Danish potter trained in Taiwan during 2009-2013. I make Chinese inspired pottery in my studio in Brussels, Belgium and you can find me on Etsy at

I came to this (pre)occupation in a very round-about way.  I originally studied for an academic career in Chinese Studies in Europe, China and the States throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. My Chinese base was for a long time Beijing, where I lived for six years during the period 1993-2005. I have always been interested in pottery but my fascination for tea ware began while travelling in Zhejiang and Fujian, and when I finally moved to Taipei, Taiwan with my husband and our twins, I started learning pottery with Zheng De-yong in his Huayan Studio. I studied under him for four years from 2009-2013 and I am very influenced by what he taught me.

Here in Brussels, I fire in the medium to high-fire range of 1250-1280 degrees Celcius depending on the work. I used to love to glaze with traditional Chinese reduction glazes, like jun, celadon and shino, but now I work strictly in oxidation and my preferred glazes are oilspot, teadust and kaki/ iron red. Most of my clay teapots are unglazed to enhance the tea experience. I use many different clays and porcelains, both local and imported. My glazes are all mixed by myself, and sometimes I share the recipes on this blog (see my old blog for more).

So much for me. If you stop by and happen to enjoy this blog (and my old blog at please do not hesitate to introduce yourself. Leave a comment or send me an email at Follow me on Instagram @i.n.clay

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